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BA Psychology

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on thescientific study of behavior and mental processes. It provides students with a comprehensiveunderstanding of human behavior, cognition, emotion, and development, as well as the methodsused to study these phenomena

ba psychology
ba psychology course

Average salary

The average salary for individuals with a BA in Psychology in India can vary depending onseveral factors such as location, level of experience, industry, and job role.Entry-level positions in industries such as human resources, counseling centers, social services,or research assistant roles may have starting salaries ranging from ₹2.5 lakh to ₹4.5 lakh perannum.

Why choose career in BA Pyschology?

a career in BA Psychology offers a combination of personal fulfillment, professional growth, andopportunities to make a positive impact on individuals and communities. For individualsinterested in understanding human behavior, helping others, and promoting well-being, BAPsychology provides a solid foundation for a rewarding and meaningful career.

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