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About Flair Mania Bartending Academy

Flair Mania Services Pvt. Ltd. upholds true education, intelligence, and excellent training as its core values, aiming to fulfill promised careers for all its students. This commitment to business openness has been instrumental in Flair Mania Services’ sustained success over many years. Bartending at Flair Mania is not just a career but also a means for students to explore the world, finance their education, expand their social networks, earn income, and most importantly, have fun. The academy actively seeks and trains bartenders from around the globe at its 25 working branches worldwide and Best Bartending College in pan India

With a reputation built over 25 years of dedication to the sector, Flair Mania has opened up thousands of bar positions both domestically and internationally for bartenders, thanks to its goodwill and credibility. Their bar instruction strikes the perfect balance between entertainment and education, making learning to be an attractive bartender enjoyable and effective. Flair Mania collaborates closely with reputable brands in the international industry to ensure that their students have access to professional customers and ongoing opportunities for growth worldwide.

World Record Holder & Best Bartending Award Winner


  • 3 Months Professional Bartending Course
  • 4 Months Professional Mixology Course
  • 6 Months Diploma In Advanced Mixology
  • 12 Months Diploma In Bar & Beverage Management
  • 18 Months Diploma In B&B, F&B Service Management
  • 12 Months Hotel Management Course
  • 1 Month Foreign Liquor Register (F.L.R.) Course
  • 6 Months Bar and Beverage Management
  • 5 Days Hobby Bartending Course
  • 2 Months Advance Molecular Mixology Bartending
  • Barista Certification (Coffee) Course
  • Wine and Spirits Education Trust, London (Uk)
  • Gin Ambassador – Sommelier Course
  • Tequila Ambassador Certification Course
  • Sake Ambassador Certification Course


Fee Head
3 month 35,000 Rs +18% Gst
4 month 40,000 Rs +18% Gst
6 month 60,000 Rs +18% Gst
12 month 120,000 Rs +18% Gst

National Placements


Flair Mania Bartending Academy is renowned for its pioneering role in the Indian history of bartending, showcasing a unique presence and full potential in training and placements nationwide. Their commitment to excellence is evident through numerous records achieved, demonstrating their dedication to society and the hospitality industry. With partnerships with most casinos in India, they offer students opportunities for internships, part-time, or full-time jobs. Moreover, Flair Mania Bartending Academy has broken records, including producing the fastest bartender in the world, solidifying its position as a standout institute in the industry.

International Placements



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