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School of Allied Healthcare and Sciences Courses


    • Learning at Highly Recommended Allied Colleges in Bangalore is the most important asset a person can have in the lines of Allied health Sciences
    • Various important and detailed aspects of Allied Healthcare is taught at the Top Ranked Allied College in Bangalore as they bring forth professional experts to teach the courses along with the most advance equipment’s providing the best learning experience.
    • Highly Recommended Allied Colleges in Bangalore like Jain university have a very high and reputable recognition in the medical field.

The School of Allied Healthcare & Sciences

  • At School of Allied Healthcare & Sciences, we always strive to be a dynamic learning centre that trains professionals in integrated areas of the healthcare industry. We offer unique & comprehensive experience for our undergraduates and graduates students who are pursuing exciting careers in the medical sciences. Having located at Bengaluru a city which is renowned for its dedication to all tiers of healthcare, from learning institutions to advanced hospitals. From inception onwards, our students thus get such resources to further their careers in the industry.
  • We envision to deliver advanced specialized training for healthcare professionals so that they may complete and complement healthcare facilities around the world, becoming the key support system to the medical fraternity.
  • We provide the highest standards of instruction and experience on par with top universities across the globe. Our campus has been built to combine an extensive set of multi-disciplinary fields, closely integrated with each other. This arrangement creates a collaborative environment where healthcare professionals coordinate with one another to enhance their skills. They also develop a practical understanding of departmental interaction and relationships within medical institutions, as well as the requirements of each.
  • In order to assure that our graduates meet international expectations, the curriculum has been tailored to include courses which are not typically offered in India. Many fields taught by our esteemed professors are cutting-edge disciplines that push the boundaries of medical diagnostics and treatment. We train our healthcare professionals to be at the forefront of these fields, as their expertise will be sought after in research facilities as well as healthcare institutions.


B.Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology

M.Sc. in Medical Lab Technology


ADDRESS : Whitefield, Bangalore


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