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Asian Institute of Design is a progressive higher education institution ‘aid’ing the Animation, VFX, Game Development, Art Design Tech, AI/ML, UI/UX enthusiasts to exhibit their ideas on the digital canvass effectively for over a decade now. AID has been living up to its meaning by offering creative courses within its in-house lab and studio located in Bangalore, where over 2000 students have found their calling and are doing well in their chosen domain in reputed organisations spread across the globe.

Established in 2008, AID is a higher education college offering multi-disciplinary degrees and diplomas in new age careers with a strong industry engagement and academic standards with emphasis on student-led learning.

The Graduate attributes at AID are

Professional Competence: To develop expertise and apply it in the area of specialization to solve real-world problems.

Entrepreneurial and Collaborative Skills: Develop social skills to build great teams, work collaboratively in diverse groups and turn ideas into actions creatively and innovatively.

Communication Skills: To learn and respond effectively to novel problems and opportunities.

Ethical Practice: Demonstrate integrity, impartiality and personal resilience in their conduct while facing the challenges and uncertainties.

Leadership: Ability to build and lead a team with honesty and integrity coupled with empathy and humility towards fellows.

Lifelong Learning: Self-motivated in the pursuit of knowledge for personal and professional growth.



Professional Diploma in Game Art

Diploma in UI/UX Design

Diploma in Graphic Design

BVA in Product Design

Diploma in Game Programming

Advance Diploma in Video Content Creation

ADDRESS : Airport (Old Airport),Bangalore


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