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B.A. Western Classical Music

Admission Started At Vels University, Chennai

VISTAS is offering a number of innovative courses in emerging areas which includes 62 UG Programmes, 37 PG Programmes and Ph-D Programmes. through its 16 Schools in Arts, Science, Engineering, Management, Law, Education, Pharmacy, Maritime Studies, Hotel and Catering Management, Physiotherapy and Music & Fine Arts. Choice Based Credit System is in vogue in VISTAS, thus making the courses student-centric and hence they have the freedom to choose courses of their interest.

About B.A. Western Classical Music :

B.A. Western Classical Music is a Bachelor of Arts degree program focused on the study and performance of Western classical music, including composers, history, theory, and practical skills.

Course Duration:

3 Years Course


Pass in (10+2) or its equivalent or Diploma in Music or Dance

Fee Structure 2024-2025:

Tuition Fee 2024-2025 (Per Sem)Other Fee (Per Sem)Total Fee (Per Sem)

Job Opportunities for B.A. Western Classical Music Graduates:

  • Performer: Professional musicians performing solo, as part of ensembles, orchestras, or chamber groups.
  • Music Teacher: Teaching music in schools, colleges, music academies, or offering private lessons.
  • Conductor: Leading orchestras, choirs, or other musical ensembles in rehearsals and performances.
  • Composer or Arranger: Creating original compositions or arranging existing pieces for various ensembles or purposes.
  • Music Director: Overseeing musical aspects of productions such as operas, musicals, or film scores.
  • Music Therapist: Using music as a therapeutic tool to address physical, emotional, or cognitive needs.
  • Music Critic or Journalist: Writing reviews, articles, or commentary on music performances, recordings, or trends.
  • Music Librarian: Managing music collections, archives, or libraries in educational institutions or performance venues.
  • Arts Administrator: Working in music organizations, concert halls, or cultural institutions in roles such as program coordinator, marketing manager, or development officer.

Salary Range from Freshers to Experience for B.A. Western Classical Music Graduates:

  • Entry-Level Positions: Fresh graduates with a B.A. in Western Classical Music might start with entry-level positions such as music teachers in schools, music tutors, or performers in small events or orchestras. Salaries for entry-level positions can vary widely, but typically range from ₹2 lakh to ₹5 lakh per annum.
  • Mid-Level Positions: With a few years of experience and a proven track record, B.A. Western Classical Music graduates can advance to mid-level positions such as music instructors in prestigious institutions, conductors, composers, or performers in larger orchestras or ensembles. Salaries for mid-level positions can range from ₹5 lakh to ₹10 lakh per annum.
  • Experienced Positions: As B.A. Western Classical Music graduates gain more experience, recognition, and expertise in their field, they can progress to higher-paying roles such as music directors, solo performers, composers for films or media, or music producers. Salaries for experienced professionals in these roles can vary significantly, ranging from ₹10 lakh to ₹30 lakh or more per annum, depending on their reputation, demand, and the scale of projects they are involved in.

Hiring Companies for B.A. Western Classical Music Graduates:

  • Orchestras and Chamber Music Ensembles
  • Opera Companies and Musical Theater Productions
  • Music Schools and Conservatories
  • Colleges and Universities (as faculty or staff)
  • Churches and Religious Institutions (as music directors or organists)
  • Recording Studios and Production Companies
  • Music Publishing Houses and Agencies
  • Arts and Cultural Organizations
  • Concert Halls and Performing Arts Centers

For Admissions Please Contact: +91 6301596447

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