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Milestone College is a private institute located in Brossard, Quebec. The college offers diplomas recognised by the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education. The college attracts many international students because of its educational curriculum and lecture delivery options – the lectures are delivered in English and French, depending on the student’s choice.

The college provides on-campus and off-campus accommodation facilities to international students. After completing the course, Milestone provides an 8-week internship program for on-field work experience. Also, the college placement rates are over 80% which makes them eligible for the Quebec Experience Program.

Reasons Why One Should Study at the Milestone College

Studying at the Milestone college offers

  • Diplomas to the students recognised by the Quebec Ministry of Education and Higher Education
  • Class schedules are flexible, and students can make their class timetables as per their convenience. There are options available for weekday and weekend classes.
  • Placement rate of over 80% for the graduates of Milestone College
  • Intensive on-field training and practice of essential technical and soft skills
  • 8-week internship after the diploma courses
  • Vibrant culture and great student diversity with students from different countries worldwide
  • Extracurricular events, fests, competitions and quizzes within the campus for overall student development
  • Well-experienced and trained faculty members have developed 1,800 hours curriculum for the students
  • Provides an opportunity to the students to choose between English and French language

International students get the advantage of getting Canada Post-Graduation Work Permit Program after completing the 2-year diploma course.


Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology (BMLT)


ADDRESS : Jayanagar,Bangalore


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