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National Law University Delhi launches ‘Eklavya’

National Law University Delhi launches ‘Eklavya’

  • The National Law University (NLU), Delhi, has recently launched an innovative academic initiative called ‘Eklavya’ – a Research Affiliate programme. This pioneering scheme aims to strengthen NLU Delhi’s commitment to collaboration by involving individuals without traditional law degrees and drawing upon their expertise and diverse perspectives. Through this initiative, the university seeks to develop high-quality legal scholarship that encompasses a broader range of experiences and knowledge.


  • To be eligible for the ‘Eklavya Research Affiliate programme, applicants must fulfil certain criteria. They should possess at least three years of demonstrable experience working on issues with a significant interface with the law. Additionally, they should have completed an undergraduate degree at least three years before the application. Full-time or part-time employees must obtain approval from their current organisation or institution. At the same time, self-employed individuals, freelancers, or independent consultants must provide a declaration stating their professional status.


  • NLU Delhi’s ‘Eklavya Research Affiliate programme aims to bridge the gap between legal academia and individuals involved in various aspects of the law outside the university. By participating in this program, individuals gain access to various benefits and opportunities. Collaboration is a key aspect, as they can engage with NLU Delhi’s faculty, researchers, and scholars to foster interdisciplinary research collaborations. This enables them to contribute their unique perspectives and expertise to the development of legal scholarship.


  • Mentorship is another valuable opportunity provided by the ‘Eklavya Research Affiliate programme. Participants receive guidance and mentorship from experienced academics and legal experts affiliated with NLU Delhi. This mentorship helps them enhance their research skills, gain insights from experts in the field, and refine their academic pursuits.


  • Moreover, the programme offers access to the extensive library resources and research facilities available at NLU Delhi. This access to resources empowers individuals to conduct in-depth research, explore new areas of study, and contribute to advancing legal knowledge.


  • Networking is a significant aspect of the ‘Eklavya’ Research Affiliate programme. Participants can connect with a diverse community of legal professionals, policymakers, and researchers. Through seminars, conferences, and workshops organized by NLU Delhi, they can engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and build valuable connections within the legal community.


  • Publication opportunities are also provided under the programme. Participants can contribute to the development of legal scholarship by preparing research papers, articles, and publications. This allows them to share their insights, findings, and analyses with a wider audience and contribute to the overall growth of legal knowledge and understanding.


  • By participating in the ‘Eklavya’ Research Affiliate programme, individuals can enhance their professional profiles and gain recognition for their research contributions. Their work and achievements are acknowledged by NLU Delhi, further establishing their credibility and expertise in the field of law.


  • In summary, the ‘Eklavya’ Research Affiliate programme introduced by NLU Delhi is an innovative initiative that aims to foster collaboration, broaden perspectives, and promote interdisciplinary research in the field of law. By involving individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, the programme enriches legal scholarship and contributes to the advancement of knowledge in the field. Through mentorship, access to resources, networking opportunities, and publication avenues, participants can actively contribute to the academic community and enhance their professional profiles. This initiative showcases NLU Delhi’s commitment to excellence and its endeavor to create a vibrant and inclusive environment for legal research and learning.

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