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The Classic Tale of Prudence…..The Triumphant Saga….

The pragmatic thought of setting up an institution flashed and stirred the obvious vein to govern the visionary trustee members. The vision reached its zenith when the institution, the Nightingale College of Nursing tossed it’s visage in the year 2003 by spreading the sea of knowledge by its high acclaimed set regimentation.

Owing to the noblest trait to facilitate young generation by a rewarding and promising career the quest encompassed with a burgeoning urge to establish a new health care programme. To accelerate this PR Nursing College perceived sway in the year 2005.

The catalytic action of imparting knowledge didn’t confine to root, the root got strengthened by getting bound to hard core and the huge tree spread branches through its novel vistas of education. The functional humble dewlling of Prudence International School reached it’s height of Cascade in the year 2008.

The triumphant saga continued with relentless efforts to serve for the genuine and futuristic health domain, to achieve this keen holistic perception the top team of management started a Physiotherapy college in the year 2018 which shone in the name of Prudence College of Physiotherapy, Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) which is a 4 and half year undergraduate course with 6 months compulsory internship.

The consecutive year 2019 got thrived by catering to the needs of growing demands of 21st century education which led to the establishment of Allied Health Sciences; B.Sc Anesthesia, B.Sc Optometry, B.Sc Medical Lab Technology, B.Sc Medical Imaging Technology (MIT)*, B.Sc Renal Dialysis Technology (RDT)*, which is of 4 years each to streamline the course in advance health care.

The group of institutions has accomplished its goal by dint of hard work and dedication.


B.Sc. in Medical Laboratoy Technology (Part -Time)


ADDRESS : Bangalore 


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