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Many people ask themselves: What is a Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) Fashion? The answer is that this course can be a great choice for you if you are interested in fashion design. However, before you make that big decision, you must know how to get in. There are various types of fashion design colleges in India, and most of them will accept students on the basis of an entrance exam. Read on to find out more about these colleges and the requirements for admission.

The BDes course will give you the necessary training to get into the fashion industry. After graduation, you can apply for internships with leading designers. You can even work in a fashion design studio or retail store, and get paid for your work. BDes graduates can expect to earn an average salary of INR 495,500 per year. And with that, you can expect to receive perks like a company car and a stipend.

A BDes course will focus on developing foundational skills in textile science and fashion design while nurturing student creativity. In addition to teaching students the basics of fashion designing, the program will introduce them to key business subjects, including business management and media make-up. A BDes fashion design program will teach you to conceptualize and create unique designs that are tailored to different situations and cultures. It will also prepare you to enter the industry with a strong portfolio.

Bachelor of Design (BDes) in Fashion and Textiles course will teach you to balance your hand-making skills with your digital ones, fostering your artistic vision and developing your employability. You will explore four different pathways within the fashion industry and learn to develop your own unique approach to design. Your studies will also develop your knowledge of production and business solutions, and you’ll work with premier partners such as LVMH, COACH, and Luxottica. Your final outcomes will be showcased in an exhibition and shared with industry professionals.

After completing your Bachelor of Design (BDes) Fashion degree, you’ll have multiple career options in this field. You can work in fashion design studios, start your own fashion brand, or open your own boutique. There are many jobs available to you in this field, and the job market for fashion designers will never decrease. It is an important field to consider for a career in fashion design. Once you graduate, you’ll be well prepared to find a job in this field, and you can enjoy an excellent salary.

The fashion industry in India is a huge market, and the BDes course provides candidates with the skills they need to find a place in this exciting industry. A BDes in fashion design is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to get their feet wet in the fashion industry. The Indian fashion industry is predicted to grow at a rate of ten to twelve percent per year, making it a great time to enter the field. With so many different job options available, it can be hard to decide which route to take.


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