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Sai Vidya Institute of Technology


This Visionary group is committed to develop SVIT as a paradigm within a couple of years. The future of SVIT in Engineering Education is bright as the above professors are heading the departments and extend their service to develop the institution with the support of highly qualified and dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff.

Prof M.R.Holla, a well-known academician and administrator with-over 50 years of academic and administrative experience to his credit along with an excellent team of popular professors of RVCE/RNSIT Bengaluru. The team comprises of Prof Y.Jayasimha, Prof R.C.Shanmukha Swamy & Prof A.M.Padma Reddy, in association with Sri R.Srinivas Raju, a practicing Civil Engineer, Sri M.K Manohar renowned Chartered Accountant and Sri Narayana Raju well known administrator both at RVCE/RNSIT.

SVIT is committed to provide students with a sense of history, an understanding of the ideals and principles, a commitment to law and morality, an appreciation of human creativity an analytically inquisitive mind. We believe that once the students experience these, they are ready to address the challenges of the rapidly transforming world.


B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering

B.E. in Information Science and Engineering

B.E. in Civil Engineering

B.E. in Electronics and Communication Engineering

B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Bachelors of Engineering (B.E.) (Lateral Entry)

B.E. in Mechanical Engineering

B.Tech. in Computer Science Engineering (Data Science)

B.Tech. in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

ADDRESS : Doddaballapur Rd.,Bangalore 


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