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ICAT is the best college for professional education in design & media with three state-of-the-art campuses at prime locations, diverse courses, internationally acclaimed degrees and extensive alumni network.

Pioneering Full Time Education in India

In the year 2003, the growing business opportunities in India in AnimationVisual FX and Gaming had created a need for high quality professionals having skills to handle International projects with ease. Organizations like NASSCOM were advocating the need for Full Time Specialized training to fulfill this requirement.

ICAT – Image College of Arts, Animation & Technology was then established in 2004 with a goal to provide holistic, advanced and specialized education in various Digital Design and Media disciplines. It began by offering full time Post Graduate Diplomas in 3D Animation, Visual FX and Game Development. The shortage of specialized Game Designers paved the way for the launch of Game Design curriculum in 2006.

Pioneering Bachelor’s Degree Programs

A survey among high school students by ICAT during 2005-2006 revealed the students’ awareness of Digital Media as an exciting career option, their eagerness to pursue a career in Digital Media and the desire for a Full time College Level Degree Program. To address this need, ICAT launched 3 year Full time B.A. in Digital Media Degree programs in 2006 in 3D Animation, Visual FX, Game Design and Game Development.


ICAT is the First Digital Media College in India which has obtained ISO 9001:2008 Certification. At ICAT, the prime objective is to provide excellent and comprehensive education in “Digital Media”. The Board of Academic Advisors consists of internationally renowned professionals from the field of Visual Effects, Animation, Game production and Academics. They continuously monitor and review the quality of the courses, right from the syllabus to how they are accomplished. The College also follows an annual process of Course Monitoring for all courses. This examines how well the course has been delivered in the previous year/semesters and how it can be improved.


The College aspires to provide high standard of education. ICAT offers Bachelor’s Degree & Post Graduate degree programs partnering with Bharathiar University. Also ICAT offers internationally recognized Bachelor’s degrees, validated by the Birmingham City University, UK. The international validation enables overseas institutions such as ICAT to offer the Birmingham City University degrees at an equivalent standard to the degrees offered in Birmingham City University itself.

Bharathiar University programs are recognized by the Government of India and comes under the purview of UGC.


Bachelor Degree in Game Art and Design

Post Graduate Diploma in UI Design and Development

M.Sc. in Game Technology

Bachelor in UI Design and Development

Bachelor of Interior Design

Bachelor in Graphic Design

Bachelor of Fashion Design

Post Graduate Diploma in Interior Design

Post Graduate Diploma in Game Development

Post Graduate Diploma in Game Design

BVA in Interior and Spatial Design


ADDRESS : Hosur Road, Bangalore


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