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LISAA School of Design, Bangalore Courses


LISAA School Of Design, Bangalore is a center of LISAA from France. LISAA Bangalore is managed by CREO Valley, which is recognized by the University in Bangalore to offer Degree Courses in Fashion & Textile Design, Interior & Product Design and Graphic & Web Design. It also offers Student Exchange program with more than 7 other locations in France.

Important Note: The information provided on the website is true at the time of creation of it. Please note any and all information provided here is subject to change. Please check with the school management for continuous updates and revisions to the information.


B.Sc. in Graphics, UI/UX, Illustration and Web Design

B.Sc. in Interior and Product Design

B.Sc. in Fashion and Textile Design

Bachelor of Animation and Multimedia Design

Diploma in Graphic Design

Diploma in Interior Design

Post Graduate Diploma in Interior Design and Business Management

Diploma in Fashion Design

Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design and Business Management


ADDRESS : Koramangala, Bangalore


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